Highland Communities Credit Union is run by volunteers. We have various voluntary opportunities on offer to our members and we would like all members to consider what they can do to help. Credit Unions are financial co-operatives. As such, HCCU is run by and for its members, therefore we encourage as many members as possible to get involved.

If you only have an hour or two to spare, you may still be able to help. In doing so, you can meet people, improve your skills, gain experience to enhance your CV, and, most of all, you can make a difference to the Highland region.

HCCU tries to source locally – we bank with the Co-Operative Bank and through Post Offices throughout the area; we buy stationery and office equipment from local businesses; we get our printing done locally; we make use of village halls and the Council Service Point. We have no external shareholders, so money stays in the Highlands.

I’m a busy person – why volunteer with Highland Communities Credit Union?

By volunteering with us, you can:

  • Help the wider community
  • Develop new skills and confidence
  • Gain useful work experience
  • Meet people
  • Try something new
  • Enjoy yourself

Frequently raised concerns

“I don’t have much time to spare.”
Don’t worry! Even if it sounds cliché, just an hour a week truly does make a difference.

“I’m young; I lack the experience needed to fill the role available.”
What matters to us is not your age, but rather your passion and desire to make a difference in your community.

“I don’t live locally – I would struggle to pay for travel expenses.”
We don’t want you to struggle financially whilst helping us – so we reimburse the agreed travel expenses incurred.

“I’m unsure about exactly what I would be doing.”
We ensure that all volunteers are properly inducted in line with our procedures. Additionally, all potential volunteers are welcome to come in for a taster and see how everything works.

I want to be a volunteer – how do I start?

Simply request a volunteer application form (either in person or using the contact form below), fill it in and return it to one of the offices/email us. Once we have received your application we will invite you to come into the office and have a chat about the role you wish to fill and go over the application form. Once the application has gone through the office manager and looked at by the board of directors, the induction process will begin.