What is ‘Wee Savers’?

One of the objectives of credit unions is the financial education of its members, which is why we endeavor to work along with schools in an effort to increase financial awareness among all members of our community, including young ones.

As such, we work in partnership with four different schools in the Lochaber area. Our aim with these partnerships is to make it as simple and accessible as possible for children to save into their credit union accounts. Children can deposit money into collection points are run by the school at a set time each week by a teacher/parent volunteer.

Which schools operate the ‘Wee Savers’ scheme?

Acharacle Primary School

Banavie Primary School

Caol Primary School

Lundavra Primary School

How can my child join the ‘Wee Savers’ scheme?

Should your child attend one of our partner schools, joining is easy – simply request a ‘Wee Savers’ application form from the collection point and follow the steps detailed there.

If your child does not attend one of our partner schools but wishes to join Highland Communities Credit Union, please click here.

What if my child’s school does not operate a collection point?

If your child’s school does not operate a school collection point, you may be able to open one as a parent volunteer – please contact the office for more information.